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11 Apr 2017

Winners III Short Story Competition

¡Ya tenemos ganadores del III Concurso de cuentos cortos en inglés de Iberlingva! Como la mayoría sabréis, en esta edición les pedimos a los participantes que nos hablaran de un día con sus abuelos. Esta vez queríamos llevar el concurso a un nivel superior y marcamos una frase de partida para categoría:

Categoría A (3º – 4º Primaria) “A Sunday with my grandparents is …”
Categoría B (5º – 6º Primaria): “That Sunday with my grandparents was ….”
Categoría C (ESO): “Next time I see my grandparents …” 

En esta convocatoria en la que han participado todos nuestros alumnos han sido más de 200 las historias sobre abuelos y abuelas que hemos leído, así que queremos resaltar el mérito tanto de los finalistas como de los ganadores y agradecer a todos su participación.  


Category A: Gaizka Rodríguez, Paula Ucha, Liher Cano and Aitor Corral.
Category B: Claudia Fernández, Uxue Macho, Iñigo Erro and June Aranzabe.
Category C: Leire Goya, Iñigo Barco, Maider Urbón and Claudia Sáinz

Puedes leer todas las historias finalistas aquí.


Winning Short Story – Category A

A Sunday with my grandparents is fantastic. My name is Enzo and I am 9 years old. I haven’t got brothers or sisters. I love my grandparents very much. They are from Paraguay. My grandmother’s name is Euberta. She is 68 years old. She is fat and high. My grandad name is Anatilo. He is 78 years old. He is skinny and small.

On Sunday I visit my grandparents. We eat together, we playing togther and we look television. My favourite program is Regular show. My grandparents favourite programs is Clarence, Garfield cat, My family is from Alaska, The Simpsons, and The Big Bang Theory.

I like fruit juice, ice cream, vegeteables, steak and pig. My grandparents like fruit juice, ice cream, vegetables, steak, pig, chocolate, biscuits, apples, bananas and chicken and also likes fish and smoothie.

My favourite film is Batman Vs Superman and grandparents favourite film is Star Wars the force awakens.

Enzo Martín Santa Cruz, Félix Serrano
Teacher: Rachel

Winning Short Story – Category B 

That Sunday with my grandparents was a Christmas morning in mum’s house. We were boring watching TV.

— It’s snowing! Wow! We can go t the park and play war of snow balls – said my grandmother.

— OK – said my sister.

Ten minutes later the family went to the park. My mum started the war, and later all together were throwing snow balls.

— Stop! Stop! We can go to our home and eat hot chocolate, and later we can open the presents – said my grandmother.

When we arrived, we look for the presents in the corridor, but it was only a note. This note said that were hidden and that we had to find them in the house.

— Wow. It will be funny. Let’s start! The first clue said that two of the presents were in the cosiest furniture of the house.

— In the sofa! – we said at the same time.

We went to the sofa, picked the presents and read the second clue.

— OK. This note said that three presents are in a place that there is a lot food.

And there, on the table, there were three of the presents.

— Third and last clue. The bedroom that smells better than others.
— I know! Grandparent’s bedroom.
— Let’s open them – told us my dad.

We opened them and played a lot. They were the best Christmas of my life.

Naroa Morillo, Zipiriñe
Teacher: Nerea San Juan

Winning Short Story – Category C

Next time I see my grandparents I will ask them to tell them again the story of how they met. I know their story by heart but I love how their eyes shine when they are telling me about it and making fun of each other. I must say that theirs was kind of a funny story.

It was the 8th of June in 1954 when they first met. My grandma was 20 years old and a protestant in favor of women’s rights. Eventhough she hated violence she somehow managed to end up in a particularly violent protest. As the disturbances went on the police arrived and she had to run away. She didn’t have a license to drive a car so she jumped into the first motorcycle she found. What a coincidence that my grandpa was driving it. She yelled at him to escape fast and so did he, even though he didn’t knew her name. They run away from the city and arrived to a camping. They stayed there for a couple of days until the situation in the city calmed down a little bit.

During those days they got to know each other and soon became very good friends. As the time passed by, they fell in love and started dating. They got married five years later and they still love each other with the same passion as the first day.

Maider Fernández De Mendiola, Escolapios
Teacher: Andone

Esperamos que hayáis disfrutado de las historias tanto como nosotros y que lo ganadores llenen sus eBooks de libros que les hagan soñar, recorrer aventuras y aprender un montón.

Well done students!

Communications Iberlingva


Andrea Ayala,
Communications, Iberlingva

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