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22 Jan 2016

What’s your favourite hobby?

Esta es la pregunta a la que contestaron los niños que participaron en el II Short Story Contest de Iberlingva. La reglas eran bastante sencillas, responder a la pregunta lanzada en un mínimo 150 palabras para aquellos que estuvieran cursando 3º y 4º de Primaria, y de al menos 250 palabras para los de 5º y 6º. ¿El resultado? Un montón de redacciones en inglés que nos enseñaron habilidades y pasiones de nuestros alumnos, y un ejercicio perfecto en el que demostrar la destreza redactando en inglés.

Aquí os presentamos a los ganadores de cada una de las categorías y sus Short Stories, no sin antes dar las gracias a todos por participar y una grandísima enhorabuena a Irune y a Borja. Good job!!

Winning Short Story – Categoría A (3º – 4º Primaria):


My favourite hobby is playing tennis. I started practicing tennis when I was five years old. I won two tournaments : in Castro and Ampuero. My mum takes me to Castro where I play tennis. I play tennis on Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays. My instructors are Gonzalo and Santi. My club is tennis club Castro Urdiales. To play tennis you need t-shirts, shorts, trainers and a tennis racket. My mum takes me to all the tournaments in Cantabria and Vizcaya. My favourite player boy is Rafa Nadal. In summer I train five days per week. My favourite player girl is Garbiñe Muguruza. On Sundays there are two groups because there are a lot of players. In my house I like to watch tennis matches on the TV. Now Nadal is fifth on the world. Now Muguruza is third on the world. I am playing a lot of tournaments and one day I will be the winner.

TENNIS IS MY FAVOURITE HOBBY, Borja Helguera  (4º de Primaria)


Winning Short Story – Categoría B (5º – 6º Primaria):


My favorite hobby is Atletics. Many people think this sport is just running, but they make a mistake. Atletics is races, jumps, throwings…
I am good at running. The place where I train is zorroza, because there is a court. The court has got eight tracks and a football pitch the middle.
This is my third year in the team, and I am very happy because I have new nice friends. It ́s funny to be with them. I like meeting them and the trainings and the championship. Sometimes, after the races we have dinner together.
Sometimes this sport is very hard because of the weather. It doesn’t matter if it is rainning or cold, we have to run. But if you like this sport the weather is not important. Some days the track is full of mud and we finish totally dirty and tired.
Last year my team (Alevin) got the third place in the championship of Bizkaia. And this year we want to do better. But the most important thing is that I enjoy very much when I am running with my Friends.
I have got many awards, I can ́t remember exactly how many. The awards are in my bedroom and it is very difficult to clean all of them.
Fortunately I don ́t have to do it. Somebody do it for me. I like having then. But the most important thing is that I love running. I enjoy this sport so much that I don ́t care about all the trophys I have won. 
I don’t imagine my life with out the feeling of run.
MY FAVOURITE HOBBY: ATHLETICS, Irune Palacios (6º de Primaria)

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