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23 Oct 2017

Useful sentences for a job interview

Below is a comprehensive list of various things which can be very useful if you are having a job interview in English. Obviously during an interview it wouldn’t be possible to remember all of these, nor would you have enough time to say them all, so just choose the ones which are best suited for you.

Describing your personality:

As they sit down with candidates, the interviewer (your potential boss) is looking to find out if the interviewee (you) will or won’t fit in well with their existing team. Now you must show them who you are and why you’re a great person to work with. Here are some adjectives to use:

  • Easy-going: a relaxed person who is easy to get along with
  • Hard-working: someone who works well and isn’t lazy
  • Methodical: a person who pays attention to details and works in a logical way
  • Trustworthy: someone who you can rely on
  • Innovative: eager to introduce new, creative ideas
  • Honest: someone who tells the truth
  • Focused: someone who is not easily distracted
  • Proactive: someone who takes steps to complete tasks without supervision
  • Committed: a person who is loyal to a project or person

If you want to emphasise a point, use words such as very, extremely, really. (“I’m very trustworthy,” “I’m an extremely focused employee.”)

Describing your strengths:

During an interview, the employer is going to ask you about your strengths, so you need to be prepared to list what you are good at. Here are some things you can use:

  • Organised
  • The ability to multitask
  • Solve problems
  • Communicate well
  • Work in an international environment and with people from all over the world
  • Speak foreign languages
  • Enthusiastic

Describe your experiences:

It’s important to remember to mention your education and previous jobs as well, especially if the previous employment is relevant to this job. Examples:

  • I have five years’ experience as a teacher/waiter
  • I worked in a major company for seven years and was promoted in my third year
  • I studied at the University of Cambridge for four years

Describing goals for the future and what you want to achieve:

It’s at this point when you have to explain to the interviewer why you want the job. It could be that you disliked your previous job and want a fresh start, or you want to learn new, valuable skills in a different field of work. Here are some useful phrases:

  • I’m looking to further my skills as a teacher/waiter
  • I want to further my career in industry, medicine, architecture, etc.…
  • I believe your company is an important player in its industry
  • I feel my skills are a perfect fit for your team and I can contribute by…

In an interview it is important to finish well, so try and make sure that your final point is something impressive that the employer will remember.

If you use these useful phrases and adjectives in an interview, it will definitely improve the chances of getting the job you want.

Written by Stephen Kent, International Speaker at Iberlingva

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