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21 Apr 2017

English Slang II

In this article I’d like to share with you many commonly used expressions, or slang, which are used in everyday English language. Although these expressions are not used by everybody throughout the country, most English people would understand the majority, if not all of these. For example, some of these are more common in the North and some are more common in the South. In London they also have their own form of slang in some parts of the city, which is called ‘Cockney rhyming slang’, however only people who are from London itself will understand it. Here are the best examples of English slang (I will try to explain them as best as I can):

UNREAL (adj.) – When something is unbelievably good or brilliant
Ex. ‘I love this party, it’s unreal!’

PROPS (noun) – Respect or recognition
Ex.  ‘He failed the exam, but you have to give him props for trying’

BOTTOM LINE (noun) – The main point of an argument
Ex.  ‘The bottom line is we don’t have enough money to buy this car’

DIG (noun) – To be mean to someone
Ex.  ‘There was no need to take a dig at him’

BOB’S YOUR UNCLE (expr.) – Used at the end of a sentence, means ‘and that’s it’
Ex.  ‘It’s really easy, you cook it for 10 minutes and Bob’s your uncle, its ready’

Happy co-workers

FULL OF BEANS (expr.) – To be really energetic
Ex.  ‘Everyone at work today was full of beans’

PEAR SHAPED (expr.) – When something doesn’t go according to plan
Ex.  ‘It was going so well but then it all went pear shaped’

PIECE OF CAKE (noun) – When something is really easy
Ex.  ‘That exam was a piece of cake’

CHIN WAG (noun) – To have a nice, long chat with someone
Ex.  ‘I had a chin wag with a friend from school today’

CHUFFED (adj.) – To be really happy about something
Ex.  ‘I’m absolutely chuffed I got the job’

FAFF (noun) – When someone wastes time or procrastinates
Ex.  ‘Stop faffing around and get on with your work’

DO (noun) – Another word for a party or event
Ex.  ‘Are you going to her do next week?’

FLOG (verb) – Another way of saying to sell
Ex.  ‘I tried to flog my car to my neighbour, but he didn’t want it’

splash out slan
(verb) – When you spend a lot of money
Ex. ‘Lora and Rachel decided to splash out on some new clothes’

BEE’S KNEES (expr.) – When something is the best of its kind
Ex. ‘This new iPhone is the bee’s knees’

GUTTED (adj.) – To be really upset or disappointed
Ex. ‘I’m absolutely gutted we lost the match’

THROW A SPANNER IN THE WORKS (expr.) – To ruin something or make it even more difficult
Ex.  ‘It was all going well until he threw a spanner in the works!’

KIP (noun) – A short sleep
Ex. ‘I’m going to have a kip this afternoon’

NOT MY CUP OF TEA (expr.) – When something isn’t to your liking
Ex.  ‘I like her, but her friend is not my cup of tea’

DONKEY’S YEARS (expr.) – A very long time
Ex.  ‘I haven’t spoken to him in donkey’s years’

I’d imagine that you found some of these expressions very strange and some difficult to understand, but if you were to use these in a conversation with someone English, they would be very impressed with the level of your language! Some are definitely used more than others, and some can only be used in particular situations, but they are all interesting nonetheless.

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